Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) outside of the United Nations system are increasingly engaged in promoting cooperation and partnerships among developing countries, often also involving support from developed countries, in their respective fields of competence.

IGOs have regularly contributed to the report of the UNDP Administrator to the High-level Committee on South-South Cooperation (HLC) on the implementation of BAPA and decisions of the HLC and have actively participated in debates and discussions at HLC sessions. Several IGOs have been represented at annual GSSD Expos where they have attended segments of their choice, e.g., Directors General forums, leadership forums or thematic sector-specific events. At these forums, they have explained their best practices and shared experiences with other participants in the use of South-South and triangular cooperation modalities in their respective operations.

Led by the Commonwealth Secretariat, this side event will promote an inter-active dialogue among participating IGOs, NGO, CSOs, and other stakeholders on the theme, “Promoting and scaling up good governance though South-South Cooperation”. The Commonwealth Secretariat is the intergovernmental organization of the 53 countries, and 2.4 billion people in the Commonwealth of Nations, a unique association of sovereign and equal members voluntarily cooperating with each other in the pursuit of peace, liberty and progress. COMSEC has played an active role in previous session of the HLC, and it has recently concluded a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation with UNOSSC. It is collaborating with UNOSSC in organizing this event.


Organizers: Commonwealth Secretariat, UNOSSC