The side event of the Global Partnership Initiative on Effective Triangular Cooperation (GPI) aims to:

  • Demonstrate how triangular cooperation can be an effective means of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Highlight the value added of triangular co-operation by showing evidence from concrete partnerships and their results.
  • Discuss key messages and share experiences and lessons learned on triangular cooperation for BAPA +40.



Potential Partners

Since the adoption of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action for Promoting and Implementing Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries (BAPA), at the 1978 United Nations Conference in Buenos Aires, the development landscape has shifted, and international development cooperation dynamics and modalities have evolved. Triangular co-operation is a transformative modality that builds on the complementary strengths of different development partners to bring innovative and flexible solutions to address dynamic development challenges. It can arise from a combination of South-South and North-South Co-operation, creating horizontal coalitions around the pursuit of shared development goals. During this side event, participants will discuss the following topics:


Chair: JICA

Topic Speaker
Contribution of triangular cooperation to the 2030 Agenda UNOSSC
Building a global and national ecosystem for South-South and triangular cooperation IsDB
Advocacy activities by GPI Global Affairs Canada
Implementation of the guidelines of effective triangular co-operation in triangular co-operation projects AMEXCID
Comparative advantages of triangular cooperation OECD
Reporting on triangular cooperation PIFCSS
Questions, answers and next steps


Focal Point Contact Details

Names: Ryutaro Murotani; Nadine Piefer
E-mails: murotani.ryutaro@jica.go.jp; nadine.piefer@oecd.org