• Promote a critical reflection on Trilateral South-South Cooperation methodologies involving developing countries and UN Agencies;
  • Share insights and lessons learned from the implementation of innovative Trilateral South-South Cooperation modalities in Brazil;
  • Promote a debate on the benefits and challenges that Trilateral South-South Cooperation methodologies bring to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with focus on cross-border capacity development and innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships.



  • Mr. Jorge Chediek, Director and Envoy of the Secretary-General on SSC – Opening Remarks
  • Ms. Anna Maria Graziano, Program Manager, Brazilian Cooperation Agency – Facilitator
  • Mr. Miguel Griesbach de Pereira, Minister at the Brazilian Embassy in Turkey
  • Dr. Dongxin Feng, Deputy Director of the Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division of FAO
  • Mr. Ian Thorpe, Chief of Learning and Knowledge Exchange Unit in the Division of Data, Research and Policy, UNICEF Headquarter
  • Mr. Daniel Balaban, Director of WFP Centre of Excellence in Brazil
  • African Union member-state (TBC)


Focal Point Contact Details

Overall Coordinators: Christiani BUANI, Head of Programme, WFP Brazil, christiani.buani@wfp.org

Communications Focal Points: Christiani BUANI, Head of Programme and SSTC focal point, WFP Brazil, christiani.buani@wfp.org; Bruno MAGALHAES, Programme Assistant and SSTC support, WFP Brazil